The Tanzania Australia Alumni Association values the integrity of its members and recognises their commitment to the Mission, Objectives and Purposes defined in the Association's Constitution and restated below:

The Mission of TAAA is to contribute to the growth and development of Tanzania and to foster productive relationships between the two countries.

The Objective and Purposes of the Association shall be:

  1. To identify and facilitate the pooling together of all Australia Awards Alumni currently active in Tanzania
  2. To support the fulfillment of legal requirement for operation of the Tanzania Australia Alumni Association (TAAA) in Tanzania.
  3. To provide a forum for showcasing the contributions of the Australia Government in Tanzania.
  4. To provide a forum for interaction and experience sharing among members in order to enhance professional development.
  5. To support the development of a strategic focus document and operational framework for the Alumni secretariat for effective administration.
  6. To build professional, business and social Alumni networks in Tanzania including participation in consular and/or diplomatic activities and functions
  7. To provide mentoring support to Awardees both 'on award' and 'off award' and help them reintegrate on completion of their studies.
  8. To participate in pre-departure and post-studies and post-studies briefings and debriefings of new and returning scholars.
  9. To collaborate with other organizations including with relevant government coordinating agencies
  10. To organise and/ or participate in Tanzania-Australia cultural and country exchanges where appropriate.
  11. To foster people-to-people links at individual,institutional and country levels and promote mutual interests between Tanzania and Australia.

Why do we have an Alumni Code of Ethics?

  1. To define accepted / acceptable behaviours within our  Association
  2. To Establish a clear framework for professional behaviour and responsibilities
  3. To promote high standards of practice by executive and regular Alumni  members
  4. To help promote our identity as a professional organization.