A person qualifies to be a regular member of the Association if that person has successfully completed a course or courses of academic study from any Australian-Government approved and registered Australian education institution, or through any Australian Scholarships Program

A person qualifies to be an honorary member if that person has been granted membership by the Executive Committee in recognition of their past, present or affirmed contribution to the Association.

A person qualifies to be an associate member if the person or entity can identify with and support the mission, objectives and purposes of the Association, but who may not have studied through an Australian institution.

An institution qualifies to be a corporate member if they are interested in the Association. This shall be subject to the approval of the committee.

A member shall be deemed to be a member of the Association if he or she or it has paid dues in full as stipulated under Clause 13 for the current financial year of the Association.


A person ceases to be a member of the Association if the person;

  1. Dies
  2. Resigns from that membership pursuant to Clause 11 of this Constitution
  3. Expelled from the Association pursuant to Clause 15 of this Constitution

A right, privilege or obligation which a person has by reason of being a member of the Association:

  1. Is not capable of being transferred or transmitted to another person
  2. Terminates upon cessation of the person’s membership.

A member of the Association is not entitled to resign that membership except in accordance with this Section.
A member of the Association who has paid all the amounts payable by the member to the Association in respect of the member’s membership may resign from membership of the Association by giving notice (being not less than one (1) month or not less than such period as the Committee may determine) in writing to the Secretary of the member’s intention to resign, and upon expiration of the period of notice, the member ceases to be a member.
A member of the Association who has not paid all the fees prescribed under Clause 13 is deemed to have resigned one month after the date specified in Clause 13.2.
Where a member of the Association ceases to be a member pursuant to Clauses 11.2 and 11.3, and in every other case, where a member ceases to hold membership, the Secretary shall make an appropriate entry in the registry of members recording the date on which the member ceased to be a member.